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Тот случай, когда твоя мама - оператор стедикама!

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Добавлено by ONE В Во Это Да!
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Still using a traditional baby carrier with too much shake and wobble? You need the SteadiKid. The only baby carrier that uses technology developed for the movies.
I was carrying my one year old son in a Baby Bjorn style carrier a while back and kept noticing how his head was bobbling back and forth as I walked and wondered if he noticed or if it was annoying to him. Then I thought “Wouldn’t it be great if there was a steadicam type solution so he would just float along?”. So I ended up shooting what the commercial for such a thing might be, if it did exist. Just for fun.

Directed by Scott McDermott - www.ScottMcDermott.com


Nathalie Toriel as "Mom"

Aksel McDermott as "Little Johnny"

Gary Powell and Alex Baker as "The Trained Technicians"

Voice Over: Brad Ziffer

Hair & Make-up: Olga Postolachi

Stylist: Jane Cebotari

Color Grading: Taylre Jones - Grade KC

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